Brigitte Sindelar, Ph.D., born 1952, clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. After professional activity for ten years at the University Clinic for Children and Adolescent Psychiatry in Vienna she has been working in private praxis since 1981, also continuously giving training to professionals in Austria, Germany and Switzerland; since 2003 she has been developing a network of centres providing professional help for children and adolescents with basic functional disorders ("Schmunzelclubs"); since 2004 she is member of the teaching and research staff of Sigmund Freud University Vienna.


In the Seventies of the last century she started to develop a method of diagnosis and treatment of dysfunctions in information processing, based on cognitive psychology, developmental psychology and neuropsychology. She found learning disabilities as dyslexia, dyscalculia, concentration problems, attention deficit disorder (ADHD) as well as behavior problems often caused by basic functional disorders, and developed instruments for specific diagnosis as well as efficient programs for treatment, available also in a computer based form, which she constantly is adapting to the current scientific State of Art. According to her psychotherapeutic orientation of Adlerian Psychology she deals with the child's individual situation of psyche and soma, its specific situation of social environment and emotional state.